Business of the Artemis Project
Section 3.
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Business of the Artemis Project

Chapter 3 of the Artemis Data Book describes the business side of the Artemis Project. This includes the business of space flight, the supporting industries, and the long-range prospects for the business of the lunar community.

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Artemis Data Book Table of Contents
   1. Artemis Project Overview
   2. Scenarios for Manned Space Development
   3. Business of the Artemis Project
      3.1. The Balance Sheet
      3.2. Cost Analysis
      3.3. Financing the Project
      3.4. Revenue Sources
      3.5. Legal and Political Issues
      3.6. Business Organization
      3.7. Work Breakdown Structure
      3.8. Other Business Issues
      3.9. Employment in the Artemis Project
      3.10. Business Plans
   4. Reference Mission Development
   5. Mission Options
   6. Artemis Society International
   7. Artemis Society Local Chapters and Contacts
   8. Artemis Society Affiliate Organizations
   9. Electronic Communication
   10. Program Participants and Corporate Sponsors
   11. Current Space Flight
   A. Catalog
   B. Bibliography
   C. References
   D. Glossary
   E. Abbreviations
   F. Units of Measure and Conversion Factors
   G. List of Active Documents
   H. Artemis Data Book Distribution List
   I. Web Site Map
   J. Frequently Asked Questions
   K. Omnibus of Space Information on the Web
   L. Room L (Members Only)
   M. About the Moon
   N. Mythology

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