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Sorry!  All the tour guides are out to lunch.

Sorry!  All our tour guides are busy right now!

We suggest the following documents from the Artemis Data book for a self-guided walking tour of the Artemis Project.

You might want to bookmark this document so you can come back to the list as you explore the Artemis Project.

In case it's not obvious: the line about tour guides is a joke. They are always out to lunch.
If you want to talk to someone in real time, see who's on line in ASI MOO.
Or if you want to visit a web site about tour guides, you will enjoy Moon Sims.

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Artemis Project reference mission
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About the Artemis Project

Why we named it the Artemis Project

Introduction and Overview to the Artemis Project

Artemis Project Basic Overview

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Raised Objections

Space Flight

A Walk Around the Moonbase
You'll need JavaScript for all the toys to work.

Brief Overview of the Reference Mission

Reference Mission Overview

Landing Day

Your Vacation on the Moon

Financing the Space Flight

Reference Mission Costs

Program Costs Overview

Program Revenues Overview

What You Can Do to Make It Happen

Join Artemis Society International

Things You Can Do

Artemis Society Sponsors

Artemis Project Tour

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