Artemis Project Overview
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Communicate with the Artemis Project

Artemis Project Live Webcasts

Artemis Society International, in cooperation with Artemis Project sponsor CyberTeams, produces live webcasts of many space conferences and other events. For details see

On-Line Open Forum

Artemis Society International, in cooperation with the SuperChat organization, hosts a continuous on-line chat service using Internet Relay Chat. We have a regularly scheduled Open Forum meeting each Saturday at 4:00 PM US Central time. For details, see section 9.8 of the Artemis Data Book.

Artemis Society International

Send inquiries about the status of Artemis Society memberships, newsletter subscriptions, and changes of address to the Membership Committee.

Membership Is Handled Through

The Moon Society
P.O. Box 940825
Plano, TX 75094-0825

Artemis Society Headquarters

Artemis Society International
PO Box 940825
Plano, TX 75094-0825

News media and public relations

Artemis Project
Public Relations

Ian Randal Strock

Artemis Society
Public Relations

Ian Randal Strock


Artemis Society International's newsletter, Pleiades, is published as part of the Moon Miners' Manifesto by the Lunar Reclamation Society. Contact information is in About the Moon Miners' Manifesto.

Electronic Communication

We use electronic communication extensively throughout the Artemis Project to keep our worldwide team working together. See section 9 of the Artemis Data Book for the whole story.

              MOO Real-time meetings in the ASI MOO
Artemis Society team members meet continuously in the ASI MOO. This is also the place to go for regularly scheduled meetings, and a fascinating place to explore our developing vision of Luna City as it will be at the beginning of the next century.

Electronic Mailing Lists for ASI and The Moon Society are handled through Team Director 
real-time meetings via Internet Relay Chat
Electronic Communications Technical Committee

Artemis Project Overview

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