Program Participants and Corporate Sponsors
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The Artemis Project Team

The Artemis Project is a cooperative effort of a team consisting of the Artemis Society International, commercial companies, and affiliate organizations. The relationship among these is shown in the Team Organizational Chart.

Artemis Society International

The Artemis Society International is a non-profit scientific and educational foundation incorporated in the state of Alabama, headquartered in Huntsville. President and Chairman of the Board of the Artemis Society is J. Boise Pearson. It is an organization staffed by volunteers, and we would welcome you as a member of the team. Detailed information on the Society is located in Section 6 of the data book. Information on local chapters and local contacts can be found in Section 7 of the data book. In the future, there will also be employment opportunities in the Artemis Project.


Commercial companies can be sponsors of the Artemis Society, or sponsors of the Artemis Project. See sponsorship levels for more details on corporate participation. We are proud to list those companies and organizations who are already members of our team. We would like to have you join us.

Affiliate Organizations

Affiliate organizations share common interests and goals with Artemis Society International, and we often share information and work together with these organizations.

We're going to the Moon!     Are you coming with us?

Program Participants and Corporate Sponsors

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