Business of the Artemis Project
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Artemis Project Commercial Sponsors

Artemis LogoWe're open to proposals from any business that would like to become a proud sponsor of the Artemis Project. The concept here is that just about anyone can help sponsor the project by putting the logo on your package and slipping a little explanatory brochure inside the box (or printing a blurb in that blank space you don't know what to do with).

The logo is not yet widely known, but any business, whether it's a software house or a shoe store, would benefit from increased market share rather quickly just due to word-of-mouth advertising, once your customers start spreading those little brochures around. This would also help us in developing the Grand Financial Plan by providing hard marketing data, something we can show to investors and the SEC.

If you're in a position to influence your company's decision process and are thinking you might want to sponsor the project, now would be a good time to talk about licenses. You're in a good negotiating position, so take advantage while you can!

If you would like to become a commercial sponsor of the Artemis Project, or would like additional information, please fill out the form below. This sends a message to <>.


Business of the Artemis Project

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