About the Moon
Section M.
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About the Moon

This appendix to the Artemis Data Book organizes basic information about the moon. It is the source for scientific data needed for design of the Artemis Project spacecraft and habitats on the moon, as well as the historical record of previous moon flights.

Where practical, we have attempted to parallel the organization of the Lunar sourcebook in this appendix to the Artemis Data Book.

For basic statistics about the moon, see section M.3.1.

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Artemis Data Book Table of Contents
   1. Artemis Project Overview
   2. Scenarios for Manned Space Development
   3. Business of the Artemis Project
   4. Reference Mission Development
   5. Mission Options
   6. Artemis Society International
   7. Artemis Society Local Chapters and Contacts
   8. Artemis Society Affiliate Organizations
   9. Electronic Communication
   10. Program Participants and Corporate Sponsors
   11. Current Space Flight
   A. Catalog
   B. Bibliography
   C. References
   D. Glossary
   E. Abbreviations
   F. Units of Measure and Conversion Factors
   G. List of Active Documents
   H. Artemis Data Book Distribution List
   I. Web Site Map
   J. Frequently Asked Questions
   K. Omnibus of Space Information on the Web
   L. Room L (Members Only)
   M. About the Moon
      M 1. Introduction to Appendix M
      M 2. Historical Lunar Exploration
      M 3. The Lunar Environment
      M.4. Geologic Processes
      M 5. Lunar Minerals
      M 6. Moon Rocks
      M 7. Lunar Regolith
      M 8. Chemistry
      M 9. Physical Properties of the Lunar Surface
      M 10. Global and Regional Data About the Moon
      M.11. Observing the Moon
   N. Mythology

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