Business of the Artemis Project
Section 3.
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Space Flight Business Organization

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The way the Artemis Project is working, The Lunar Resources Company (LRC) is responsible for organizing the operations and taking charge of the infrastructure.

Air, food, water, transportation, shelter, communications, and energy all pertain to just the space flight part of the program. While space flight is vital, it is only a small part of the entire business infrastructure needed to support the Artemis Project.

We are working on the business plans for a company that has the working name of "LRC Space Flight Company." It has that name because I originally conceived it as a division of The Lunar Resources Company.

Investment Prospects

We've been increasingly surprised at the interest in investing directly in the space flight; whereas when the project started we were expecting we'd have to capitalize initial lunar development entirely with the revenues from the merchandising and entertainment business units.

LRC Space Flight Company will be responsible for the space flight. I expect it to be very widely held, with an open public stock offering. It should work best if the company is very widely held, especially by people who are interested in hands-on participation in lunar development.

At the same time, we encourage those participating in the associated merchandising and entertainment businesses to commit to investing in the space flight. An Artemis Project T-shirt or Lunar RangersTM Bivouac Kit might be a nice thing to own, but knowing that part of the purchase price will be invested directly in the space flight makes it really special; which, of course, is the main point of the financial philosophy behind the Artemis Project.

Business of the Artemis Project

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