Business of the Artemis Project
Section 3.
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Employment in the Artemis Project

It will be a few months before The Lunar Resources Company has any openings; we need to raise the capital first. Employment for spaceship designers is even farther downstream because we won't bring folks on board until we're confident we can continue to pay their salaries. It's likely that the actual spacecraft design and development work will be accomplished by a team of established aerospace companies. In the meantime, we're getting stuff done with volunteer help.

Of course, we can't promise future employment to anyone. However, there are things one might do to leverage a position working in the project. Remember that The Lunar Resources Company is only one small part of it; several other companies are already involved and more will be. If you run out all the numbers in all areas of the project, including the entertainment business, the total economic impact of the Artemis Project worldwide is about 56,000 jobs up through the first flight or so. Of those, only about 360 are direct employment in spacecraft development.

In the long run, there should be lots and lots of companies doing nifty space stuff.

Now, all that aside, the best way to get a job with any company is to get the attention of someone within that company. That is, get your name and face known to people who make or influence the hiring decisions.

The Artemis Project has a built-in way to get that sort of recognition: a track record of helping make the project happen can't hurt! That means things like helping in the growth of the Artemis Society and keeping it focused on the lunar base, participating on the Society's technical committees, writing articles for Pleiades and Artemis Magazine, helping with the research and design projects, helping organize the WWW site, helping organize a conference or an Artemis effort at a conference. In other words, surf into the WWW site and check out the list of neat stuff you can do, or write to the Artemis Project at Artemis Society International, PO Box 4878, Huntsville, AL 35815 USA, and ask for a copy of the "Job Jar" fact sheet.

If you'd like to build moonships, or be a flight attendant on one, or be the breakfast chef flipping pancakes at the Luna City Hotel, it certainly can't hurt to be able to show that you already know all about the moon and the spacecraft!

Business of the Artemis Project

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