Business of the Artemis Project
Section 3.
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Cultivating a Public Image

A public image of being just a bit loony works to our advantage; we need to cultivate it. Great minds counsel me to fear the "giggle factor." Instead of fearing it, let's use it. In the BBC television series, Future Fantasic, Gillian Anderson calls us "lunar renegades." The director seemed to be a little nervous about that, but I said I thought it was perfect!

That's a great public image for the Artemis Project; far better than being a group of stodgy rocket scientists who've had a charisma bypass. As long as people believe that we might somehow just possibly maybe if we're lucky make it to the moon, that's enough. It's more than enough; it's just right.

Lots of folks dream big dreams, but follow a known, proven path. Unfortunately, that path is proven not to get us where we want to go. That's why we're trying something different.

We'll get the stodgy stuff done in the background, but for a public image, try thinking of the Artemis Project as Extreme Space.

Business of the Artemis Project

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