Electronic Communication
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Electronic Communications Frequently Asked Questions

Joelle Cowan

1. What is the Electronics Communications Technical Committee?

The Electronic Communications Technical Committee (ECTC) is an organization within the Artemis Society International responsible for creating and maintaining the internet presence of the Artemis Project, as well as creating a framework for the members of the Artemis Society to communicate with one another. Read the overview of the ECTC for a more detailed description of the committee and to see a list of active members and observers.

2. What can I do to help the ECTC?

There will always be room for someone else to jump aboard the help wagon. There is a general task list and an ECTC task list, delineating the important tasks that either need extra help, or that need someone to take initial responsibility. The current members of the ECTC participate through mailing lists and monthly Internet Relay Chat (IRC) meetings.

3. How do I contribute a web page?

If you feel you have content that should be published on the Artemis Project web site, just follow the guidelines for documentation procedures.

4. How do I point out flaws that may exist within a web page?

If you look to the bottom of the offending page, you will see the names and e-mail addresses of both the author and maintainer of the page. All suggestions about web page content should be sent to the author. All suggestions for web page layout and formatting should be sent to the maintainer. However, use prudence, as these people do not wish to be mail-bombed with frivolous e-mails.

5. How do the members of the ECTC keep in contact with each other?

First and foremost, mailing lists of all shapes and sizes exist, some only available to members of specific committees, and some available to even the most inactive members of the Artemis Society. As well, many members of the ECTC have recently downloaded ICQ to keep quick and easy contact with one another. Of course, the Artemis Society has this web presence and a presence on the commercial service providers like AOL and CompuServe.

An important way to keep in contact with fellow members of the ECTC is to attend the IRC meetings. These meetings are once a month, one for just ECTC members and one for all Artemis Society members. An IRC client is necessary, as well as further information from the pertinent mailing list about when and where these meetings take place.

Electronic Communication

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