Artemis Data Book Table of Contents
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Building the Artemis Data Book

We've spent a couple of years talking about things, posting messages that often contain solutions to our space flight and program problems. If we focus on slipping those messages into the Artemis Data Book and then massaging those little essays into perfection, we'll be building our plans for the lunar base while we chat about it.

We have a tendency to worry about making everything in the Data Book perfect, when really we're better off getting something in there to shoot at, even if it's 50% wrong. That way we'll get inputs from experts to correct our evil ways, and our documentation will iterate toward as good a solution as possible. We might have some blunders on-line, but that's the risk we have to take when we have a world-wide team developing these things in full public view.

We can trust the judgment of the ASI web team to figure out what's urgent and what's not. If they get overloaded, they know how to set priorities.

Don't worry that the introductory pages might not link to new files right away. We're continually revising those documents as well, so eventually all the on-line documents will be linked. Until then, the file will show up in the What's New list, so regular visitors will see it and read it if they're interested. When the index-building engine gets running, your work will automatically show up in its proper place in the Artemis Data Book.

Artemis Data Book Table of Contents

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