Artemis Project Overview
Section 1.
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Artemis Project Public Briefing Outline

  1. Have you ever day-dreamed about traveling to another planet? You can! We'll show you how!

    [An illustration of the lunar landscape as seen from your room at the Luna City Hotel is just what we need here. We explain later what the viewer is looking at by repeating the image.]

    Hit 'em right up front with the concept shock:

    1. We're going back to the moon.
    2. We're doing as private enterprise.
    3. YOU CAN GO, TOO!

  2. The government isn't going to do it [NASA budget image], but...

    Be careful how you present this one. The risk here is that seeing NASA's budget is very threatening to NASA fans, and especially to NASA personnel. It's also very unpopular with NSS leadership because it shows rather dramatically how effective they've been in stumping for an expanded government space program.

    The key point is that NASA was formed, in October 1958, for political reasons which no longer exist. Today, NASA is still seeking its stable role and level of funding within the U. S. federal government. All indications are that NASA serves primarily as a tool for international diplomacy. International diplomacy is certainly a function of a national government; and lunar settlements are not.

  3. We can do it ourselves!

    And you can be a part of it! (This, in story-telling parlance, is called "foreshadowing the plot." Just make the claim and leave it at that. You'll deliver on the promise later.)

  4. The moon is the front door to the universe.

    No matter what you want to do in space, the best place to start is the moon. So we're making that first step.

  5. What we're doing. [The Artemis Project Reference Mission]

  6. How we pay for it. [The Money Story]

    Don't hit the audience too early with the economics; they'll get bored if you start going on about finances before you tell them what the space flight is all about. Once they have a solid vision in mind, then they'll be interested in how we're going to pay for it.

  7. How the Artemis Project leads to YOU traveling to the moon.

    (The rockets-to-the-moon story, with the economics of tourism in the voice-over.)

  8. How we've organized the program. [Illo of the Artemis Society, commercial companies, and spaceship builders]

    Don't mention The Lunar Resources Company until you get to this point. A company is "something somebody else does" while the Artemis Society is something everyone in the audience can do. The Lunar Resources Company serves as the project integrator for the Artemis Project; don't make it more than that.

  9. This is what you can do to make it happen.

Artemis Project Overview

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